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Artist: Magdalena Abakanowicz
(Falenty, 1930 – Warsaw, 2017)

Date: 1986
Medium: synthetic resin on burlap, wood
Dimensions: 180 x 140 x 185 cm
Classification: sculpture
Inventory Number: 88.3.U
Department: Department of Art after 1800

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This artist, resident in Poland, revolutionised textile art in the 1960s with her monumental three-dimensional draperies called Abakans. Since the early 1970s she has produced sculptures out of burlap and gauze. One of her best-known series is Backs, arranged independently or in a group. Earlier, she seated her figures directly on the ground; later, she placed them on a stretcher-like low wooden stand. This Cage was produced in 1986; a version created five years earlier is in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. Her torsos, produced from plaster casts and made of burlap reinforced with synthetic resin, give a precise diagnosis of the general physical and spiritual condition of humankind.

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