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Ideal Head of a Woman

Artist: Giovan Giorgio Lascaris
([?] 1496 – 1531 Padua)

Date: early 16th century
Medium: rock crystal, in silvered copper frame
Dimensions: 10.9 × 7.5 × 3.5 cm
Classification: relief
Inventory Number: 79.2
Department: Sculpture

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Ideal Head of a Woman

This mountain crystal relief attached to a silvered copper sheet is an important glyptic work of the early Cinquecento. It was probably carved after a wax model by Tullio Lombardi, since it shows links with that master's authentic works. Since no crystal carvings by Tullio Lombardi are known, this piece is likely the work of a Venetian crystal carver. Glyptic art was very popular and widespread in Venetian artistic circles. Gem cutters were most influenced by the works of Mantegna, Tullio Lombardi and those of the Paduan bronze casting workshops, e.g. of Moderno.
Miriam Szőcs