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Artist: Victor Vasarely
(Pécs, 1906 – Paris, 1997)

Date: 1966 / 1974
Medium: collage
Dimensions: 78 x 77 cm
Classification: collage
Inventory Number: V.257
Department: Vasarely Collection

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The surface of the image is divided up into a grid of squares. The collage is arranged diagonally across the surface: the edges of the picture are lined with blue isosceles triangles, whose bases form the perimeter. The sides of the triangles that constitute the frame fit “obliquely” into the pattern of squares. The grid is made up of squares in varying shades of green, each containing a central disc that is always in the same shade of blue as the perimeter triangles. The overall effect of the image is dominated by the two light-green arms that seem to protrude out of the dark background, forming a cross in the middle. A structure of larger squares spreads out from the centre of the picture, generated by slicing the edges off the blue discs, and this gives the grid-like surface added dynamism.