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Ecce Homo

Artist: Tommaso Amantini
(Castel Durante 1625 – 1675 Rome)

Date: 1671
Medium: terracotta
Dimensions: 57 × 54.5 × 9 cm, 4 kg
with frame: 28 × 29 × 7 cm
Classification: relief
Inventory Number: 66.7
Department: Sculpture

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Ecce Homo

The most outstanding work of Baroque terracotta sculpture in the collection is this relief by Tommaso Amantini. The master was of northern Italian origin and studied with Ercole Ferrata, who worked in Rome. This work is a masterpiece of the high-relief technique; the rich draperies and the powerful movement of Pilate form a strong contrast with the figure of Christ standing with a bare upper body. The work depicts the scene from the Passion of Christ when the scourged and mocked Christ is shown to the people.
Miriam Szőcs