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At the English Coast

Alkotó: Richard Parkes Bonington
(Arnold [near Nottingham] 1802 – 1828 London)

Készült: 1825
Technika: watercolour on paper
Méret: 140 × 227 mm
Tárgy típusa: drawing
Leltári szám: 1935-2627
Gyűjtemény: Prints and Drawings


At the English Coast

Bonington, who was a noted landscape painter and litographer, spent much of his brief life in France, where he was in contact with the great Romantic artists of the time, above all with Delacroix. This watercolour, an oil version of which is in the Wallace Collection, London, reflects his experiences on his first visit home in 1825. Bonington used delicate colour tints and large, energetic brushstrokes to characterise the typically Romantic theme of the stormy sea.